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Mon-Fri 07:00am – 10:30am  
Sat-Sun 07:00am – 11:30am

(Based on the occupancy, the breakfast buffet
will be served every morning in the restaurant)

Lunch and Dinner

Mon-Sun 12:00pm – 11:30pm

Room Service
Mon-Sun 24h/7

Take Away
Mon-Sun 07:00am – 11:00pm
(extra charges may apply)

Barbecue Grill (5.000 XAF)

Fri-Sun 06:00pm till dawn!

Buffet Every Sundays 

Adults - 15.000XAF/prs,
Group of 4+ pers - 13.000 XAF/prs,
Children Bellow 10yrs - 50%/prs

From 12:00pm

It is in the terroir that our Restaurant and The Chef find their values. Our national and Mediterranean revised menus, are composed of local fresh products according to the seasons and the market of the day.

Let your palate be seduced like never before by our colorful, tasteful & delicious local cuisine merged with European flavors.

For inquiries and reservations:

Please call: +237 233 324 601
                      +237 683 708 350

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