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Job Position: Food and Beverage Manager


Responsible for the Management of the food and beverage department including; staffing, stock control, cash handling, delivery and assistance of events planning and reporting.

In order words, manages daily: the Kitchen, the Bar, the restaurant and the Cabaret.

In charge of F&B operations, assists with the menu planning, maintains sanitation standards and assists servers and hosts on the floor during peak meal periods. 

Strives to continually improve guests (Ensures that all guests are served to the hotels standard in the Restaurant / Bar / Lounge/ Cabaret areas) and employees satisfaction and maximize the financial performance of the department.


·      Manages the Bar, the restaurant and the cabaret and overseas the kitchen and the food and beverage service staff in accordance with established operating policies.

·      Creates a positive team atmosphere among Team Members.

·      Maintains records of staff periodic manner and operating costs.

·      Provides feedback and coaching to the Team regularly.

·      Understands building capability through Cross training

·      Treats all Team Members fairly, with respect.

·      Sets high standards for appropriate team behavior on shift.

·      Works with food and beverage staff to ensure proper food presentation and proper food-handling procedures.

·      Handle guest complaints in the restaurant.

·      Schedules periodic food and beverage service staff meetings to ensure correct interpretation of policies and obtain feedback         from staff members.

·      Maintain budget and employee records, or monitor bookkeeping records.

·      Check the quality of deliveries of fresh food and baked goods.

·      Makes sure to order supplies such as tableware, cooking utensils, and cleaning items when needed.

·      Reports for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services.

·      Total receipts and balance against sales, deposit receipts at end of day.

·      Ensures new products are executed properly the following roll-out.

·      Is capable of handling irate customers with a friendly/calm attitude.

·      Ensures product quality and great service.

·      Shows enthusiasm about guest within the restaurant.

·      Is flexible in dealing with changes/problems (e.g., being short staffed).

·      Has effectively forecasted restaurant needs.

·      Shifts priorities and goals as work demands change.

·      Priorities tasks effectively to ensure most important tasks are completed on time.

·      Delegates and follow-up effectively.

·      Taking Ownership of issues or tasks and also give detail update to the Management.

·      Seeks, listens and responds to Guest feedback.

·      Coaches team on how to exceed Guest expectations.

·      Does not blame others; takes accountability for problems.

·      Effectively identifies restaurant problems through reports and can ideate & execute to resolve the same.

·      Proficiency in using computer software to monitor inventory, track staff schedules, and perform other record keeping tasks.

·      Proficiency in Point of sale (POS ) software, inventory software, Restaurant guest satisfactory tracking software etc.

·      Assist in planning regular and special event Menu.

·      Interview, select, train, schedule, coach and support associates, ensuring they perform in accordance with established brand         or hotel standards and consistent with WDC APRTHOTEL core values. 

·      Monitor product quality and guest satisfaction in food and beverage outlet, ensuring food quality is consistent, appealing,               and prepared according to recipe and to guest specifications.

·      Ensure the restaurant complies with sanitation and safety standards for guests and associates.

·      Visually inspect and take action to ensure the appearance of facilities is appealing and attractive to guests.

·      Effectively deal with internal and external customers with high level of patience, tact and diplomacy.

·      Ensure all equipment is in working order.

·      Participate in marketing efforts of the restaurants as directed.

·      Interact with guests to obtain feedback on quality of service and food in outlet.

·      Document inventory, forecast usage and monitor supply so restaurants are adequately stocked with linen, glassware,               silverware, china, condiments, in order to provide service.

·      Abide by all regulations and requirements pertaining to serving alcoholic beverages.

·      Practice safe work habits, wear protective safety equipment and follow MSDS and OSHA standards.

·      Perform other duties as requested by management.



  • Excellent oral communication skills required.

  • Ability to follow instruction, Detail-oriented,

  • Professional attitude and positive interpersonal skills required.

  • Ability to work late, independently and to speak more than one language (French & English)

  • Ability to communicate with the guests and anticipate their needs.

  • Ability to smile and diffuse anger naturally.

  • Have an enthusiastic and positive personality.

  • Profound knowledge of customer service, and of all beverage products and services.


Work Environment and Context


  • Work schedule varies and may include working varies shifts, holidays and weekends.

  • Requires ability to navigate throughout the restaurant and kitchen.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with guests and associates verbally and in writing.  



Hotel Management diploma holder or similar qualification

Computer basics and experience in working with Point of sales software, banqueting software or billing software


Prior management experience (1 to 2 years minimum) in similar role in a full service luxury hotel preferred. 

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